The Mortgage Process

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Items we need from you when it comes to the Mortgage Process

Providing all of the required documentation ensures that we can efficiently process your mortgage application. We will advise which of the following you will need to provide:

• 2 pieces of identification, 1 must be valid government issued photo ID
• Income and employment verification
• current employment letter on company letterhead, signed by the letter writer
• most recent pay stub with YTD earnings
• if your employer doesn't pay via direct deposit and/or your pay stubs don't include YTD earnings, 3 months of pay stubs are required along with 3 months corresponding bank statements
• most recent 2 years T4's
• most recent tax year Notice of Assessment (NOA)
• if your NOA shows a balance owing, a current CRA Statement of Account is required to verify the balance owing has been paid in full
• Self-Employment Income
• additional documents are required that your broker will review with you
• Proof of Down Payment and Closing Costs
• 3 months recent mailed or e-statements for all accounts that funds will be coming from (bank and/or investment accounts) • statements must show your name and account number to verify account ownership
• Gift letter if there are any gifted funds being used for down payment
• the gift donor may also be required to provide confirmation of the source of funds by providing 3 months statements or having a bank representative stamp and sign the gift letter
• an updated bank statement is required to verify receipt of gifted funds into your account
• Void personalized cheque or Bank PAD form
• Agreement of Purchase and Sale
• MLS listing
• Contact information for your lawyer and realtor
• Copy of your current home insurance policy - for renewals and mortgage transfers
• An appraisal of the property may also be ordered.

An appraisal of the property may also be ordered. 

What you can expect from our team

we like to roll up our sleeves so we get to know each other better. We like to be completely clear on your needs today and your goals for the future. We will send your application to the lender (or lenders) that can best meet your needs. We deal with over 30 lenders, including major banks, credit unions, trusts and other national and regional lenders, which means we can put significant negotiating power to work for you. This wealth of product choice helps us find the best mortgage to fit your specific financial situation.

After your mortgage closes, we will continue to stay in touch with ongoing communications, because life doesn’t stand still and your mortgage needs can change over time. As your needs and situation shift, we will tailor your mortgage plan so that it always fits your current goals.

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